Peñon de Alhucemas, remnant of the Spanish Empire

A mere hundred yards from the Moroccan coast lie the Alhucemas Islands. Among them, the most intriguing is the fortress called Peñon de Alhucemas. It dates back to the Spanish Empire, and has remained in Spanish hands even though Morocco vehemently contested it since its accession to independence in 1956.

The fortress has been occupied by the Spanish for 3 and a half centuries. Nobody is allowed to visit it, and a small garrison of soldiers is stationed there permanently. According to what’s known, there is a church and a few houses on the islet besides the fortress.

From the Moroccan coast, Peñon de Alhucemas is an impressive sight and one can’t help but wonder what life looks like on this little isolated rock, and how long Morocco will tolerate the Spanish flag floating so close to its shores. Flower delivery Morocco