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In today’s globalized world, cultural diversity has drastically shrunk. Through increased travel and communication, most people on the planet find themselves wearing t-shirts,  even though injustice is more rife than ever. Thankfully, when you take a second look, you can see several communities that managed to survive without too much interference from the outside world, customs that have been perpetuated for thousands of years.

For many cultures, isolation has been the only way to survive to this day. The uniformisation process has been slower in remote areas and islands, which is why these places are of particular interest, featuring unique human ecosystems. The advent of aviation and tourism accelerated the assimilation and destruction in the past century. On the 5 continents, many cultures were destroyed before they could be studied and recorded. Today, just like most species should be protected to ensure our survival, we need witnesses to preserve the many wisdoms of mankind: this treasure is as vital to our survival as our environment.

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